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About the Association "Euro-Africa"

The Association was founded in 2006, based on contacts established a year earlier.

The aim of the association of the Euro-Africa is to develop contacts and cooperation with the countries of northern Africa, the spread of knowledge about history, culture and society.

We are working hard to deepen the friendly relations and the development of cultural economic and scientific cooperation as well as sports and tourism between Europe and Africa.

We are shaping public opinion in order to fight against xenophobia, racism and other prejudices and negative attitudes.

We provide humanitarian assistance to poorer regions, promote the idea of ​​autonomy and integration.

Executive Board

Daniel Nowakowski        


Vice President
Mikołaj Moszyński
Vice President
Grzegorz Małecki
Przemysław Ziółkowski

Audit Board

Chairman of the committee
Agnieszka Wojdyna

Committee member
Jacek Bednarzak

Committe member
Jacek Borzęcki